Remedial Astrology by Lal Kitab

A weak Saturn brings seriousness in thoughts. Tendencies of cleverness and laziness additionally might be seen in an individual.

An individual suffering from an inauspicious Saturn is often gloomy. Such somebody may get hooked on junk meals or alcohol and totally different habit forming substances. The trigger behind regular sorrow and issues for somebody could be a weak Saturn. It additionally retains the ideas dissatisfied and stressed.

Whereas Saturn is weak or inauspicious, one tends to get excessively irritated. He’s in all probability humiliated by his personal human beings as a result of his merciless or ignorant actions.

Individuals laid low with Saturn are cussed and decided. They proceed to be careworn until they take revenge from their enemies.

If Saturn is weak then one may also suffer from abdomen associated sicknesses like an ache in your stomach and gastric points.

Monetary loss and troubles arrive on any lady going by means of the part of an inauspicious Saturn.

Any a part of a constructed home or a home under manufacturing may also fall due the impact of an inauspicious Saturn. One can also face different issues associated to the home.

Restore an iron nail on the most important entrance of the home to defend your personal residence. Doing this might scale back sick- outcomes of Saturn.

Feeding rice or pulses to the fishes will carry benefits of Saturn.

Fill mustard oil in an earthen or glass field and bury it inside the bottom of a pond to strengthen Saturn.

Stay away from buying and selling of heavy gear.

Remedies to scale back the sick results of an inauspicious Saturn

Lal Kitaab explains the outcomes of Saturn and in addition tells about its associated cures. To extend the auspicious penalties of Saturn, some straightforward cures are provided in Lal Kitaab.

Black Surma should be buried inside the bottom to get profit in enterprise.

You ought to use mustard oil on bread and feed it to a canine to carry Saturn robust and get its useful penalties.

Donating mustard oil along with the sector on Saturday reduces the sick penalties of Saturn and provides the blessings of photo voltaic.

Set afloat or donate the issues dominated by means of Saturn like Urad, sesame seeds, iron and leather-based.

Preserving a very good conduct and averting meat and alcohol reduces the damaging penalties.

Offering milk on the inspiration of a banyan tree then making use of the moist soil as Tilak on your brow will increase favorable penalties of Saturn.

Go to a temple common. Donate Urad, black pepper, black peas and sandalwood to the temple according to your capability.

Source by Jeevan K Asthanna