How to Make a Perfect Cup of Pickwick Tea

So what might be easier than brewing a cup of Pickwick tea? Whereas the act itself is straightforward sufficient there are a selection of issues to think about if you wish to get as a lot profit and delight as attainable out of your tea consuming expertise.

Water Is Key

The standard of the water used to brew tea can have a substantial impact on its style. Faucet water might be very “onerous” which means it has a excessive quantity of dissolved minerals like calcium, magnesium and numerous sulfates, all of which may have a deleterious impact on tea style. Likewise the chlorine and fluoride added to water by many cities and cities additionally impacts the style of water. So you might need to use your favourite model of bottled spring water (not distilled water) as an alternative. Why not attempt it and see for those who can inform a distinction within the style of your Pickwick tea.


The temperature of the water can also be necessary in making a fantastic cup of Pickwick tea. The water temperature varies relying on the kind of tea you employ. A lot of the tea consumed in the USA is black tea though inexperienced tea is turning into more and more in style. Pickwick tea carries each varieties in its in depth line of high quality teas. Black tea will get its attribute darkish shade as a result of it’s closely oxidized as a part of its processing. Inexperienced tea isn’t oxidized when processed and so retains the unique inexperienced colour of the tea leaves. Due to this distinction the 2 varieties have totally different necessities for the temperature of the water used to brew them.

For those who do not occur to have a thermometer you possibly can decide the temperature by watching the bubbles within the water. When the temperature is round 160-170 levels you will discover small bubbles floating to the floor of the water. When the water reaches 180-190 levels you will see streams of bubbles rising. Shortly after that the water will attain a full boil. Don’t boil the water for too lengthy nevertheless as it will dissipate the oxygen in it and you’ll not expertise all the nice taste in your tea.


For black tea it is suggested that you simply use absolutely boiled water. Merely place a recent tea bag in your cup and pour the water over it. Do not attempt to immerse the bag in a cup of scorching water because the tea won’t grow to be absolutely infused with water and you will not get the complete taste of the tea. Let the tea steep for 4 to 6 minutes, no extra. Leaving the bag in longer than that may depart you with a bitter cup of tea. When you like your tea stronger use two luggage do not lengthen the steeping time.

For inexperienced tea you shouldn’t use absolutely boiled water. The water temperature must be round 150-160 levels. So place a recent inexperienced tea bag in your cup, pour the water over it and permit it to steep for 2 to 3 minutes. Inexperienced tea is extra delicate than black and ought to be steeped for a shorter time to stop bitterness within the drink.

To insure a top quality cup of tea all the time use the freshest tea obtainable. Pickwick tea is available in individually wrapped tea luggage, and every one is sealed in foil to protect its freshness and style. So why not use these useful hints to brew your self an ideal cup of Pickwick tea right now. You will not remorse it.

Source by John M Geiger