Virginia Deep Sea Fishing For Wahoo

Chincoteague Island is likely one of the greatest locations in Virginia to fish for wahoo. Wahoo are among the many quickest and most lovely pelagic fish. They simply attain speeds exceeding 50 mph and are recognized for his or her stealth. The fish are lengthy and slender, with vertical blue stripes. They’ve blue eyes and a large opening mouth outfitted with razor sharp tooth.

Chincoteague offshore fishing boats start catching wahoo in mid-summer alongside the 20 fathom line, fishing at locations such because the Parking Lot, 20 fathom finger and Lumpy Backside. Different good areas to focus on are most of the lumps and ridges in 30-50 fathoms.

Wahoo are additionally caught in deepwater areas such because the Washington or Norfolk Canyons. These buildings have superb options which produce circumstances that appeal to a number of kinds of fish and different ocean life. West of the canyon partitions are shallower however nonetheless productive areas. Close to the canyon partitions, the underside turns into steeper and rockier. Wahoo and different fish congregate alongside the dropoffs, ready to ambush baitfish.

Wahoo use their mixture of velocity and sharp tooth when searching. They’ve been recognized to cost by means of a faculty of fish, with their mouth extensive open. Their tooth want solely to the touch baitfish to slice them cleanly in half. After the preliminary cost, wahoo might flip and cruise again in decrease within the water column, catching any injured or lifeless fish that sink.

Wahoo are very troublesome to catch. Their tooth reduce monofilament line effortlessly. When concentrating on wahoo particularly, many anglers change to wire with a purpose to keep away from being minimize off by the fish. Typically wire leaders work, however since wahoo have eager eyesight, they often detect the wire chief materials and refuse to chew. A change again to mono may get bites, however then the angler is again to dropping rigs and lacking fish once more!

Whereas wahoo are recognized for his or her velocity, magnificence and problem to catch, maybe their most well-known attribute is their desk high quality. Wahoo are among the many most scrumptious of fish. Their meat is delicate and white with a particular texture and taste. Wahoo are scrumptious grilled, blackened, smoked or broiled.

Source by J. Banks