Top 10 Bully Excuses

1) I used to be solely teasing.

That is the basic excuse that the majority bullies will use when they’re accused of verbal abuse. Teasing often occurs between associates. Verbal abuse occurs to weaker college students who’re unable to face up for themselves. If you already know that the 2 college students who’re concerned within the incident usually are not buddies, you’ll be able to ensure that it was not simply teasing. Additionally, teasing turns into bullying when it occurs typically and over a time period.

2) I did not imply to harm him.

Bullies will virtually all the time attempt to downplay their actions. More often than not, their intent is to emotionally harm or bodily trigger ache to their victims. Appearing like they did not imply to do it or making an attempt to consolation the sufferer as soon as they’ve been caught are ploys that bullies like to include.

three) He pushed me first.

Between two college students of the identical measurement and social stature, perhaps that would happen. However, between the captain of the soccer staff and the scholar who’s hardly observed on campus, it is uncertain. It is extremely unlikely that a smaller, weaker scholar will push or attempt to intimidate somebody who is greater.

four) His face flew into my fist.

Nicely, drawback solved. Youngsters will truly say this and anticipate us to consider them.

5) He tripped and fell by himself.

Many college students journey and fall each day at college. However, when you have a scholar complaining that one other scholar is tripping them or pushing them down, then it is in all probability occurring. A query that educators can ask themselves is that this: What number of occasions a day/week are college students reporting that this conduct is happening? If the conduct is being reported various occasions every week, the alleged bully might be responsible.

6) Somebody pushed me into him.

Blaming others is what bullies achieve this nicely. Bullies on the elementary degree like to push their classmates when they’re in line. Since elementary college students are in line so much, this occurs very often. Appearing like somebody pushed them into one other scholar would be the first excuse that bullies will use if they’re accused of pushing one other scholar. Put the bully on the entrance or the again of the road and maintain an in depth eye on them.

7) She thought I used to be speaking about her, however I wasn’t.

Relational bullying amongst women is a large drawback. Manipulating friendships and spreading rumors are how women usually bully one another. That is considerably of a comical excuse as a result of if the alleged bully denies saying something, will probably be fairly straightforward to seek out ten or extra women who will admit that the bully did say one thing.

eight) They need to be bullied as a result of they’re ugly, fats, do not put on the proper garments, and so forth.

Nobody deserves to be bullied. Interval. Bullies will attempt to justify their actions by blaming the sufferer. That is just like racial discrimination.

9) Everybody bullies.

No, they do not. Solely a small proportion of scholars are bullies. Bullies will say this to attempt to place the blame on others. Their angle is that if others are doing it, then it is okay.

10) I did not do something.

This can be the simplest factor for college kids to say once they know they’re in hassle. When a scholar says, “I did not do something,” it virtually all the time means, “I am responsible.” The phrase I did not do something has develop into such part of youngsters’s vocabulary, it virtually mechanically comes out of their mouths when they’re accused of one thing.

Source by Billy Simms