What Exactly is Cold Smoking?

Chilly smoking is similar to scorching smoking, besides the cooking temperature is

a lot decrease. The focused chilly smoking temperature vary is between 80 levels F

and 100 levels F, and the smoking time can vary anyplace from four hours to four

days. This course of depends on smoke to remedy the meat or meals being smoked as an alternative

of utilizing warmth. Some individuals consider that chilly smoking happens at temperatures

between 160-190 levels F, however smoking at this temperature is mostly a type of scorching


Varieties of Smoked Meals

A number of examples of meals which might be often cold-smoked embrace bacon, sausage,

ham, cheese, and fish. When smoking fish, a preservation salt is required to pickle

the fish earlier than it’s smoked. It will assist forestall micro organism from groing whereas the

fish is curing within the smoke.

When to Use Chilly Smoking

Chilly smoking could be very troublesome, and even inconceivable in the summertime months, as a result of

the surface air temperature is generally as scorching as or hotter than the temperature

wanted for true chilly smoking. The most effective time to make use of chilly smoking is in the course of the

winter months when the times are sometimes cooler.

The way it Works

The important thing to cold-smoking is utilizing smoke to remedy the meals. To realize such a low

cooking temperature whereas cooking with smoke, the hearth must be in a separate

container than the meals being smoked. The smoke is transferred to the cooking

container by piping, and the warmth might be simply regulated.

In case you are utilizing a wooden smoker with a offset hearth field, it may be very exhausting to

persistently keep the low temperature wanted for chilly smoking. The simplest

approach I’ve discovered to realize the low cooking temperature is to make use of a charcoal starter

to mild just a few coals at a time. When the coals within the smoker burn down, merely

use the starter to mild extra charcoal, so as to add a small quantity of charcoal that’s

already lit to the hearth field. Then wooden chips could be added to supply smoke.

Chilly Smoked Salmon Recipe

Use frozen salmon as a result of it has misplaced a few of it is moisture through the freezing

course of, and it’ll settle for the brine answer faster.


1. Minimize the Salmon filets into 3×6 inch items.

2. Put together a brine answer of salt, brown sugar, and water. The salt to brown sugar

ratio is 2:1. With 2.5 gallons of water, you will want 7 cups of salt, and three.5 cups of

brown sugar. The water might be about 80% salt, and to check if the water is salty

sufficient, and egg ought to float.

three. Place the fish within the brine answer. Be sure that the fish filets are utterly


four. Refridgerate for 12-24 hours. If the filets are skinny, the time might be shorter.

5. Earlier than eradicating the fish from the brine answer, slice one filet open down the

center to see if the brine has absolutely penetrated it. If the brine has not absolutely penetrated

the filet, place depart the remaining within the answer for slightly longer, after which check once more.

6. When the filets are carried out, take away them from the answer and place beneath chilly

operating water for 1 hour.

7. Place the filets on a cookie sheet, and refidgerate for 12 extra hours. It will

permit the salt to even out.


1. Place in a smoker at 70-85 levels F for 12-16 hours. I exploit charcoal and add

mesquite or hickory chips to supply the smoke.

2. When the fish are achieved, vacuum seal the filets and freeze for three days for parasite


The Smoker King

Source by Aaron Ralston