The Truth About the Meat You Eat

There are such a lot of subjects to debate which have an effect on our well being that it’s arduous to decide on simply separately. My motto is Unhealthy Soil = Unhealthy Crops and Animals = Unhealthy Individuals. With that in thoughts, let’s talk about meat, fish and meat substitutes. I simply learn an article by some nicely which means one that was bragging that hen and soy are good for you – WRONG!

In the event you think about how our ancestors developed within the final 10,000+ years, you’ll understand they ate non-chemical meats, berries, and nuts – issues that they might forage. They ate deer, buffalo, birds and different forms of meat. The widespread factor all these meat sources shared was that they have been grass fed and loaded with Omega III’s and different useful fatty acids. Nevertheless crude it was, additionally they caught fish. In the event that they have been inland it was recent water, but when they have been near the ocean it was sea meals.

The land was additionally untouched and the grasses and different crops grew and died and went again into the soil yr after yr. Due to this, the meat from the animals and fish within the streams (or sea meals) have been loaded with hint minerals. The nuts and berries have been additionally loaded with hint minerals, nutritional vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes. With this mix, we had wholesome soil, wholesome crops and animals, and wholesome individuals.

Quick ahead to the current – what do we’ve got right now? Grain-fed chemical beef, chemical hen, cancerous fish from recent water, poisonous sea meals, no hint minerals from fruit and veggies, and genetically engineered grains grown with poisonous fertilizers,herbicides, pesticides and fungicides.

We see all types of articles suggesting that hen is more healthy than beef. Earlier than you get all heat and fuzzy with this thought, take into consideration the issues that go into the typical cattle and hen diets earlier than they get to your grocery cabinets.

Are you prepared for an image of the preparation of cows and chickens earlier than they make it to your dinner desk?

The calves are born to moms who’ve pesticide tags caught of their ears for flies. They eat grass from land that has poisonous fertilizers and might be sprayed with herbicides to kill the weeds. (If the soil was wholesome and fertile, you would not have weeds). The calves are supplemented with grains from fields with out hint minerals and uncovered to herbicides, pesticides and fungicides – unhealthy crops.

They’re weaned from their moms and put right into a feed lot. There they’ve steroids and/or hormones injected into their ears, are fed a really concentrated grain weight loss plan with a bit of fiber, and ingest antibiotics that are added to the meals to stop illness as a result of they stand round with out train placing excrement on one another.

They’ve chemical wormers sprayed on from their heads to their tails to stop parasites. Their feed additionally needs to be sprayed with Arm and Hammer (TM) baking soda to stop fuel (from the grain food plan) that may kill them. Due to the super-acid abdomen, they produce E-coli of their guts that if leaked into the meat can kill us. I want so as to add right here that due to the grain food regimen these animals haven’t any important useful fatty acids – the great things for our well being.

Now, measure chickens towards beef. Chickens have been bred to develop and mature shortly. With their eating regimen (50% chemical compounds and grains grown with poisonous chemical compounds) they mature in 6 weeks. They need to be harvested at 6 weeks as a result of in the event that they go to eight

weeks, they’ll die of coronary heart assaults (the guts doesn’t develop on the similar velocity as their our bodies).

Additionally they have a part of their beaks eliminated so they do not kill one another. They’re confined in homes (often 100 ft by 40 ft large), and stroll on manure and shavings from earlier tons. Considered one of my favourite issues about their diets is the arsenic (a heavy metallic) put into their feed to make them eat extra. They cease feeding the arsenic 5 days earlier than slaughter, and need you to consider that there isn’t a residual of their our bodies – NOT TRUE!

Additionally, should you learn on the label that retailer purchased hen is Free Vary, do not consider it. The newest deception is that they construct somewhat solar room on the aspect of the economic hen home so the chickens can go into this room – therefore Free Vary. Actual Free Vary chickens are allowed to graze on grass, consuming bugs, and permitting their manure to fertilize the land as nature would usually permit.

Simply in case you assume that substituting soy beans for protein is an effective factor, let me dispel that concept. Soy beans are for probably the most half (85%) genetically engineered. This implies they will tolerate extra herbicide, which you get to eat. Herbicides are a number one reason for most cancers.

They’re GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) as a result of the massive firms who invented them did so to generate profits, to not feed the world or make a brand new nutritious meals supply. GMO meals have virtually no vitamin. These firms try to destroy our God-given crops, so we’ve to eat their dang meals! We nonetheless do not know of the illnesses that may crop up in individuals and animals due to these unnatural meals.

If the GMO isn’t sufficient, then consider the opposite poisonous chemical compounds used to develop the crops. Keep in mind that soy can also be loaded with phytoestrogens. These estrogens can improve a lady’s breast measurement. Is that to allow them to get bigger after which have a greater probability of breast most cancers?

So long as we’re speaking about phytoestrogens and soy, we have to contemplate soy milk for infants. When you have a brand new child, would you go to the physician and say “Doc, I really feel strongly that my child wants estrogens. Are you able to give me a script for the little tyke”? As foolish as this sounds, that’s what occurs to infants on soy.

So I ask, what does the estrogen do to those infants? Does it make little women mature at 7 and eight years previous? Does it make little boys extra more likely to turn out to be gay? I haven’t got a solution – simply questions.

I additionally want so as to add that seafood can present useful fatty acids, however what number of PCB’s (polychlorinated biphenyls) and the way a lot mercury would you like together with your eating regimen? PCB’s are a really poisonous chemical related to most cancers by being saved within the fats of animals, fish and people. This was banned in 1976, however has been dumped in our rivers and oceans. It does not biodegrade simply and persists within the setting for a few years. Mercury is a heavy metallic from many sources, however is a standard pollutant from smoke stacks of electrical producing crops. Michigan has extra falling with rain than the EPA says is protected.

The one salmon available that’s free from chemical compounds (we’ve got been polluting the oceans for years) is salmon from Alaskan waters.

Beef from the shop is unhealthy. The plastic wrap and styrene containers leak fuel and chemical compounds which trigger most cancers and melancholy. Even the natural beef from well being shops is just not wholesome as a result of the grain food regimen destroys the useful fatty acids – no Omega III’s, CLA’s, and so forth. This being stated, you should purchase grass fed non-chemical beef from farmers everywhere in the US, in case you simply take time to do discover ways to discover them.

The hen within the shops can also be unhealthy, however you possibly can discover ways to discover pastured poultry. These are chickens that stay on grass, bugs, and stay wholesome lives within the sunshine. Yow will discover pasture chickens that produce wholesome eggs. These eggs are fantastic with their shiny orange, upright, great-tasting yellows.

It’s exhausting to get rid of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) like soy and corn, however it may be completed. We do not want grains in our diets. Grains are unhealthy for cows (they’re grass consuming machines) they usually make them fats. Grains do the identical to people. They make us fats and unhealthy, notably when grains are striped of all vitamin (white bread), pesticides and herbicides are left behind, and poisonous fertilizers are used to develop the crops.

You may assume if you purchase a bag of fertilizer that you’re getting 100% fertilizer, however that is not true. Fifty kilos of fertilizer will probably be made up of 1/three to 2/three industrial waste. The waste could also be fairly impartial, however it may be poisonous with heavy metals – lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and/or different toxins. When poisonous metals could be handed off as hint minerals, they are often given to fertilizer producers, added to fertilizers, and unfold on our farm land and the EPA (Environmental Safety Company) isn’t concerned.

If the waste was to enter a land fill, the EPA can be concerned and the disposal can be very costly. Mercury is likely one of the most abused metals within the meals chain. When the federal government tried to wash up our air, they required scrubbers on the smoke stacks to gather the mercury. After accumulating the mercury, the electrical utilities needed to eliminate the waste, so “look out farm land, look out meals”.

We’d like carbs, however not unhealthy non-nutrient carbs loaded with chemical compounds.

So, a number of the options to raised consuming and higher well being are grass-fed, non-confined beef, hen, lamb, and pork. No grains – notably something white. Purchase as a lot natural meals as attainable and start in search of “therapeutic meals” (so healthful that it improves your well being as an alternative of injuring it) from producer networks.

Source by Robert Bard