Synchronized Swimming and Dolphin Cognition and Communication

As people turn into extra technologically superior and are capable of see our environments from the surface wanting in, we collect perception to our 3D area that we usually wouldn’t have the ability to do, these leaps in understanding which results in elevated technological advances seems to be elevated as a consequence of such talents. We have now been capable of improve our understanding of our complete world and area via sea exploration, plane statement and area flight. Watching an Earth Rise from the moon would certainly be such a second, watching it on TV or by means of video hyperlink additionally provides method to further complete populous perception and makes obtainable to our tradition to take one other large leap into the such understanding.

Historic peoples who lived within the hills and mountains developed higher spatial reasoning than these cultures, who dominated flat lands. Flat land civilizations typically put up castles, pyramids, and temples and from the tops of those they might higher see the land, research the terrain and area and higher adapt to their environments. Maybe a ruler or advisor might look out over the lands and develop plans for higher use of the land, strategic protection of the world and management over the territorial innate wants of the area. Maybe this additionally was the primary model of right now’s city planning methodology. Such a view from above would give people, like birds a greater perspective of their setting, for a species of prey reminiscent of a chook flying over the fields in the hunt for small rodents, people additionally have been in a position to make use of benefit of the mountains since they have been unable to fly. I can vouch the elevated means of understanding from an aerial perspective having a father take me up in a light-weight plane typically once I was very younger after which educating me to fly at age 9 via my teenagers.

Those that construct scale fashions, particularly practice set ups have one other benefit over others in that they start to see the world from one other perspective and this brings to thoughts further considering in how the world works and our place in it as floor dwellers restricted by gravity, maybe concepts in how greatest to adapt our world to serve us higher. Drawings and work additionally obtain this extra cognitive potential permitting us to see from another person’s perspective, viewpoint or precise place of viewing, with out ever having been there or had such a thought beforehand. Such thought scary pictures set off our brains to a brand new perspective and improve cognition.

Now then what if we take the Athens 2004 Olympics Synchronized Swimming Occasion after which videotape it after which put it on giant display plasma TV screens and play it outdoors the pool the place non-stressed and completely happy Dolphins are and may view it, they may watch it and smile. We all know cats and canine will sit for hours beside a TV set and that some will in truth might ultimately understand that if in entrance of a mirror that they’re taking a look at themselves in reflection. We will have at the very least 15 hours of the Synchronized Swimming Olympic Occasion should you take into accounts all of the totally different groups, it will be good PR for the Olympics and all these nations submitting movies. It will assist improve the Dolphin Cognition and improve the Dolphin’s Visualization since they are going to be taking a look at display in digital actuality signifying and simulating one other pool of water from the surface perspective wanting into their very own sort of world which they’re acquainted with. This could possibly be thought-about just like people watching a videotape, which is taken searching the window of an plane flying over their cities. We all know that this does assist people perceive issues a lot better.

I consider that such vide tapes of the cities must be performed in grade faculty for teenagers, to point out the youngsters a greater concept of their true setting from one other perspective. This idea is just like the thought of unlocking the prisoners within the Plato’s “Cave Allegory” and permitting them to see the bigger image. Additionally because the Mars Rovers ship again video the video ought to be performed on ten encompass a sound screens for a digital actuality surroundings for teenagers to see, this can develop their spatial cognitive talents to allow them to assume and perceive. If we’re to maneuver the human race to the subsequent degree and understanding of multi-dimensional area and assist them grasp the present theories and actuality of the longer term we have to insure now that their brains are tailored in such a approach to assume there. Think about what this will do for early childhood cognitive improvement? In Mesa Union Faculty District in Phoenix, NASA has a Area Shuttle VR Machine that the youngsters can use, this sort of issues ought to be obtainable in all places in all United States Faculties, we can’t now afford to slack off, as a result of sooner or later we’d like generations considering right here to propel our nation and the way forward for all mankind.

Spatial reasoning, considering, outdoors the field cognition shall be absolutely needed sooner or later for mankind’s subsequent evolutionary step, we have to be prepared as a result of right here we come. If we will share our surroundings with the Dolphins and perceive the fundamentals of how mammals study and assume we’re nicely on our solution to a world-class instructional system, which crosses species and makes use of the entire mind. For example taking dolphins up in a scorching air balloon over their setting, letting them actually fly with the birds. We must be measuring their brains additionally to see what they consider all of this, by way of our advances in TMS and fMRI. We should always certainly not restrict our observational views to solely mammals, because it does seem that many different species of fish, reptiles, birds, marsupials additionally include many comparable traits close to genetic code and subsequently maybe insights into cognition of upper life types. Such research and experiments will give us the skills wanted to progress Synthetic Intelligence in computing, robotics and the creation of organizational swarms and socialization which will probably be essential to co-evolve amongst non-organic artifical machines.

Establishing moon bases and continued video from Area and NASA on web sites, VR moveable truck mounted machines touring to our faculties, Discovery Channel TV and movie books will do the identical factor to awaken our present human evolutionary course of as did the cultures which had the look out benefits of their very own lands, as such earlier civilizations did have an enormous progress spurt over comparable peoples in flat lands. Mapping, GPS visible handheld units, Satellite tv for pc images, Aerial footage ought to be proven in faculties and right now they’re extra out there than ever, now we should always up the ante and supply higher visible photographs to our whole inhabitants to deliver them to the subsequent step. We’ve got discovered life on Mars and understand that we aren’t alone now and can not be capable of keep the thought that we’re so particular a life type that none different exists anyplace else within the universe. Such a thought is now as foolish because the notion of a flat world.

Is it attainable to point out footage and movies to Dolphins of the Synchronized swimming from our perspective, then present them the attitude of the birds on their water world, then present them the attitude of the area shuttle or area station on the Earth to some extent they will perceive it? Certainly it must be, since their brains are the identical measurement and they’re very nicely tailored for spatial reasoning, Dolphins can fly of their world of water within the 3D that people can’t with out synthetic wings, balloons, parachutes, plane, and so on. So in essence their evolution has a bonus over us in spatial reasoning, is that this to say Dolphins are smarter or have higher cognitive talents than people? I didn’t say that, however I definitely would not guess both method, in truth they’re much higher tailored to their setting then we look like in ours. What would a Dolphin assume in area, floating round in close to zero gravity? What would that Dolphin say when he received again to his buddies within the water? Step one of my challenge idea can be to entertain the Dolphins with our synchronized swimmers, a lot the best way they could entertain us at sea world, however utilizing 3D. We all know that Dolphins wish to entertain and be entertained and have confirmed up at big browsing occasions in report numbers merely to say, “Right here we’re, we will do that too!” Maybe bringing each the species collectively in a standard trigger and assist one another perceive each other we will study extra about ourselves and our present surroundings, present perspective and improve our cognitive talents to know what comes subsequent.

Because the human race will increase their work with frequency modification, gravity waves, sound and lightweight and uncover new methods and makes use of for these, we might discover our selves unlocking time, quantum physics and lots of different nice discoveries which can endlessly change the best way we understand the world we’re in. By mentioning our subsequent era and present era to a better and present degree they are often prepared for what comes subsequent, with out rejecting it, calling it evil or refusing to adapt to it. Taking chimpanzees into the worldwide area station is just not as foolish because it appears. Educating them to speak with us by means of computer systems they will management with their minds is a worthy and minimal funding within the prospects of the longer term. Taking them right into a submarine to go to the Dolphins is a superb concept. Displaying them the water degree and submerging under it to satisfy with the Dolphins after which permitting them to satisfy, play and try communication, whether or not assisted by means of Digital Actuality, computer systems or human go betweens is a brilliant factor to do. It’s time all of us obtained collectively and discovered as a result of it’s readily obvious that tens of millions and hundreds of thousands of years of evolution has created some distinctive and really properly area of interest tailored species right here. Our most up-to-date technological advances of the final 200 years is surprising contemplating the earlier 2000 and sure we’re shifting fairly quick and virtually at a break by way of level of the subsequent improvements of computer-human interfaces, life extension, area exploration, time journey, gravity and climate manipulation to say just a few; nevertheless the chances of the longer term are so intense, that we should not depart stones un-turned. There are lots of species on this planet with extraordinarily excessive mental capability and we ought to be considering when it comes to their views, in addition to our personal to get to the subsequent degree of human understanding of the life expertise and world’s we stay in, impact and transfer via.

Will the Dolphins respect the human leisure? Will they snigger on the synchronized swimming, will it set off further stimuli, what do they consider us? Will they instantly type a better bond with us, attempt to higher our efforts? Will the Flat display plasma TV of the synchronized swimmers fall brief as seeing just isn’t the identical as understanding and the Dolphins may even see it for what’s, moderately than what it’s suppose to characterize? Or will they instantly perceive what it represents, perceive why we’re displaying it and reply with further communications or mind waves or fMRI lighted up sections of the mind we’ve not seen earlier than? How concerning the concept of flying dolphins with blimps amongst the birds, parasailing with the birds, movies of flying over water and land, and from area? Their brains are the identical measurement as ours, they’re extremely tailored, advanced and clever creatures as we’re, why would not they take pleasure in such mental stimulation? Would they want to thank us for the leisure? Would they extra benefit from the movies than the free fish for these at sea world? One thing tells me they might reply is a most constructive and surprising approach. This experiment will value about $30,000 in gear, about $10,000 in video licensing, $10,000 in journey and $15,000 in journey and maybe some monies for time and area leases at a World Class Oceanography College or Sea World. This may be accomplished underneath grants from NASA, US Naval Analysis or DARPA. The most important query is why has this not been executed already and if it has, what are the outcomes to date and if the outcomes are inline with such expectations, then how quickly can we take this to the subsequent degree?

Source by Lance Winslow