How to Deal With Anxiety Using Your Vagus Nerve

How typically do it’s a must to cope with nervousness in your on a regular basis life?

If you end up worrying an excessive amount of or getting caught into non-stopping irrational ideas and even feeling nausea, chest ache and coronary heart palpitations then this text is for you.

You’re about to study a easy but very efficient method to cope with nervousness naturally by stimulating your vagus nerve. This highly effective method can be utilized to alleviate stress and nervousness anyplace and anytime; at residence, when commuting and naturally at these horrible work conferences.

Do you know that the FDA accepted a surgically implanted system that’s efficiently treating melancholy by periodically stimulating the vagus nerve?

However hopefully you will not want surgical procedure. You possibly can take pleasure in the advantages of vagus nerve stimulation by adopting some easy respiration methods.

So what’s that vagus nerve?

The vagus nerve is crucial aspect of the parasympathetic nervous system (the one which calms you down by controlling your rest response).

It originates from the brainstem and it’s “wandering” all the best way down, into the stomach, spreading fibers to the tongue, pharynx, vocal chords, lungs, coronary heart, abdomen, intestines and glands that produce anti-stress enzymes and hormones (like Acetylcholine, Prolactin, Vasopressin, Oxytocin), influencing digestion, metabolism and naturally the relief response.

Vagus nerve acts because the mind-body connection, and it’s the cabling behind your coronary heart’s feelings and intestine instincts. The important thing to handle your thoughts state and your nervousness ranges lies on with the ability to activate the calming nervous pathways of your parasympathetic system.

You can’t management this a part of the nervous system on demand, however you possibly can not directly stimulate your vagus nerve by:

  • Immersing your face in chilly water (diving reflex)
  • Trying to exhale towards a closed airway (Valsalva maneuver).
  • This may be achieved by maintaining the mouth closed and pinching the nostril whereas making an attempt to breathe out. This enormously will increase pressures contained in the chest cavity stimulating the vagus nerve and growing vagal tone
  • Singing
  • And naturally, diaphragmatic respiration methods

Strengthening this dwelling nervous system pays nice dividends, and the perfect device to realize that’s by coaching your breath.

Breathe together with your diaphragm

Now it is time to put this idea into apply. The very first thing it’s essential to do is breathe utilizing your diaphragm (stomach respiration). That is the inspiration of correct respiration and nervousness aid.

The diaphragm is your main respiration muscle. It’s belled formed and if you inhale it patterns out (or ought to flatten out), appearing as piston and creating vacuum on you thoracic cavity, so your lungs can increase and air will get in.

On the opposite aspect it creates strain, pushing the viscera down and out, increasing your stomach. That is why good respiration apply is described as stomach respiration or stomach respiration.

Breathe with the glottis partially closed

Glottis is behind your tongue and it’s closed if you end up holding your breath. Right here we would like have it partially closed. It’s that feeling you might have in your throat when you exhale and make a “Hhhhh” sound so as to clear your glasses, however with out truly making the sound.

It additionally resembles the best way you breathe if you end up within the verge of sleep and you’re about to snore just a little bit.

By controlling the glottis you’re:

  • Controlling the air stream, each throughout inhale and through exhale
  • Stimulating your vagus nerve.

Attempt it proper now

Now it is time to put all this principle into motion by training this 7 – 11 diaphragmatic respiration method.

  • Inhale diaphragmatically by means of your nostril, together with your glottis partially closed, like virtually making a “Hhhhh” sound for a rely of seven
  • Maintain your breath for a second
  • Exhale by means of your nostril (otherwise you mouth), together with your glottis partially closed, like virtually making a “Hhhhh” sound for a rely of 11

That is one breath cycle; go for six – 12 cycles and observe the outcomes.

Apply, Apply, Apply

The extra you apply the simpler this system can be.

Ultimately, when your newly acquired respiration talent is established and stomach respiration turns into a behavior, you will discover your physique continuously working at a a lot decrease stress degree.

Additionally, you will discover (or typically you’ll not even discover it) how your breath responses to aggravating conditions; your physique can be conditioned to mechanically management your breath and by this, your stress and nervousness.


One of many keys to cope with nervousness is to discover ways to stimulate your vagus nerve by means of correct respiration. The vagus nerve acts because the mind-body connection and controls your rest response. You’ll be able to stimulate your vagus nerve by working towards diaphragmatic respiration with the glottis partially closed. Use your lifeless time to follow this system persistently, flip it to a behavior and you will be amazed by the outcomes.

Source by Bill A. Walker