Musical Imagery

Since I reside in Louisville, Kentucky it’s fairly arduous to not get swept up in Kentucky Derby fever every spring. I’ve already eaten my compulsory chocolate pie. This type of chocolate pie is just about an enormous chocolate chip cookie poured and baked right into a pie crust. Anyway, this received me considering of horses and horse races, and one factor led to a different, and as standard I began enthusiastic about music. Particularly, I began considering how composers and musicians could be fairly ingenious at utilizing musical imagery to create, or mimic, different imagery or emotions.

My connection to the Kentucky Derby got here as a result of among the best examples of musical imagery encompasses a racing horse. It’s in ‘The Elf-King’ by Franz Schubert (though it has different nice imagery as nicely). A father and son are driving wildly on horseback by means of a dense forest as they’re being pursued by the spectral Elf-King. The low word represents the Elf-King. As they race by means of the forest, the notes ebb and circulate. At occasions the notes are far aside. At different occasions they’re very shut. Lastly, the observe movement slows down as the daddy reaches his residence. He realizes his son is lifeless. The music turns into very forlorn, unhappy, and solemn.

A couple of different musical horse imagery songs come to thoughts. In fact, you’ve gotten Z.Z. Prime’s La Grange the place you possibly can image the protagonist galloping across the dusty Texas city of La Grange to Billy Gibbons’ guitar riffs. Aerosmith provides their music Again within the Saddle. (That is certainly one of my favourite songs for guitar fills.) After which there’s the over-the-top Steve Vai music Dangerous Horsie. Vai’s guitar riff makes it sound just like the horse is tearing up the earth with its hooves. Then to push it extra excessive, he makes use of his whammy bar so as to add a horse whinnying sound.

Musical imagery, or the deliberate use of creativeness by musicians, has historically been seen and thought of as the power to think about sounds even when no audible sounds are current.

-From the ebook ‘Musical imagery and creativeness: The perform, measurement, and software of images expertise for efficiency’

Since we’re on this vein, we’d as nicely persist with animals. Coronary heart’s track Barracuda has the good galloping guitar riff to depict the quick little ferocious fish zooming via the water. [You know somebody should compose some musical imagery for the scene where the nihilists drop a ferret in the bathtub in The Big Lebowski.] Talking of water, you even have the theme from Jaws, the low ominous thumps. Like Pavlov’s canine, we have been conditioned to search for the fins, once we heard the Jaws theme.

The creatures do not should be pure both. You’ve got obtained Godzilla from Blue Oyster Cult. The primary musical riff sounds to me identical to a 50,000-ton lizard stumbling round like a Frankenstein, 1-year-old-toddler. (In different phrases, it sounds identical to it ought to.) Blue Oyster Cult additionally used some slide guitar to let Godzilla rip up some man wires. Films typically have nice musical imagery. There’s the long-lasting Alfred Hitchcock Psycho the place you will have the Eek! Eek! Eek! within the bathe scene. In Riders of the Storm, The Doorways used a recording of a thunderstorm. Nevertheless, the keyboard participant, Ray Manzarek, additionally used musical imagery to create falling rain.

Our perception is that musical imagery is on the very core of music as phenomenon, as a result of, in any case, what would music be if we didn’t have pictures of sound in our minds.

-From the ebook ‘Musical Imagery’

There are loads of different nice examples from classical music. When Mozart’s spouse Constanze was within the peak of childbirth, in a close-by room, Mozart wrote the Crescendos to his Andante in (Okay. 421) D minor quartet. Then after the child was born, he wrote the Menuette and Trio. Richard Wagner, within the opening piece of Das Rheingold of The Ring Cycle, tries to musically depict the creation of the universe no much less. He does this in about three minutes utilizing variations of the E-flat chord.

One improvement alongside these strains is a merger of music with science. Some symphonies have began performing a choice of classical musical items with a multimedia presentation of the newest pictures from area. One widespread choice is Gustav Holst’s The Planets. Holst was an newbie astronomer so he based mostly his musical imagery on the planets based mostly on astrology and never astronomy. Nevertheless, a few of the alternatives weren’t initially written with the heavens in thoughts in any respect. That is the place the pliable, summary nature of music may also come into play. It is one thing like laying in your again on a sunny day and taking a look at clouds. Within the clouds, you’ll be able to see plenty of various things.

So pay extra consideration the subsequent time you’re watching a film or a tv present. Actually take heed to the music. Take into consideration how music is getting used to implement what you’re seeing, what the characters are feeling, what’s about to occur, or what has already occurred. When you write music, begin fascinated by how one can create musical imagery for what you’re seeing and feeling. Musically, how would you depict the flock of geese that simply flew over your head? I am nonetheless making an attempt to consider how it might sound when the nihilists dropped the ferret within the bathtub in The Huge Lebowski…

Source by Jeff Burrows