Interesting Facts About the Notorious Piranha Fish

The piranha is a freshwater fish from South America. It thrives in faculties within the streams and lakes of the rainforests of the Orinoco River and Amazon basin. All recognized species of piranha fish belong to 2 genera, specifically Pygocentrus and Serrasalmus. Piranha faculties are recognized for his or her vicious feeding frenzy, however this phenomenon happens solely when there’s a scarcity of meals. In accordance with tales, they eat their prey till solely the bones are left, however this prevalence is sort of uncommon. They hunt in teams, however additionally they keep these giant faculties in an effort to defend themselves from pure predators comparable to birds, caimans, otters, turtles, water snakes, and human beings.

Weight-reduction plan

Piranhas are omnivores, however they’re higher generally known as flesh-eaters or opportunistic carnivores. Whereas particular person piranha fish would eat solely smaller fish, piranha faculties can and can assault and devour small mammals and bigger fish. A number of the animals that always fall prey to colleges of piranha are crustaceans, birds, amphibians, and lizards. Additionally they eat land animals that enterprise into their native habitat. They’re most lively and aggressive in the course of the day. Smaller piranha fish hunt principally at daybreak, whereas bigger piranha take their fill within the night or late afternoon.

Except for its virtually legendary feeding behaviors, maybe the notoriety of the piranha is intently tied to its most outstanding anatomical feature-the razor-sharp tooth. The piranha has a big and powerful decrease jaw filled with sharp tooth. The higher and decrease jaws are lined with a good row of tooth. When one is damaged it’s instantly changed with a brand new progress.


Studying correct piranha fish information helps us perceive higher the fish recognized in Venezuela because the “caribe.” They lay their eggs within the lakes and rivers of the tropical rainforest. Their major breeding grounds are the lagoons. The feminine lay teams of eggs in nests dug within the sediment within the form of a bowl. The male fish then fertilizes the eggs. When piranhas are spawning, the stomach of the fish turns into reddish in shade, whereas the remainder of the physique turns into lighter. Piranha breeding conduct within the wild is considerably just like that of birds. When it’s nesting season, the grownup piranhas patrol their spawning territory to be able to defend the eggs.

Piranha fish and people

South American fishermen catch piranha fish and eat them. They’re additionally a staple meals product in native moist markets. Except for meals, the piranha is beneficial to people as a supply of efficient slicing instruments. The higher and decrease jaws of the fish with its sharp tooth are gathered and utilized in actions that require shearing and puncturing. When packed tightly, piranha tooth may also be used as a formidable weapon. For the vacationer commerce, some locals dry the entire specimen beneath the solar and promote them to vacationers as memento gadgets.

Swimmers in freshwater rivers and lakes the place piranhas are recognized to reside have reported being bitten or injured. However, a lot of the bloody tales about mutilated physique elements are exaggerated accounts. Locals would swim in waters that function pure habitat for piranha and often come out unscathed

Source by Jim Gilbertson