How to Improve Your Throwing Mechanics As a Catcher in Baseball

Let me clarify one factor first. When Main League Scouts analyze a catcher one of many points which carries a considerable quantity of weight is his potential to make the throw to second base. That is measured from the time the catcher receives the baseball till the center infielder receives the ball for the tag.

The distinction between a Good Catcher, at 2.2 seconds and a Nice Catcher, at seconds, is .2 of a second! That is barely a blink of an eye fixed distinction, however it’s the distinction between a minor league contract or a full journey school scholarship and flipping hamburgers.

With a margin of error being, for all real looking functions, non-existent, the necessity to grasp correct throwing mechanics is an absolute important for any participant eager to play the catchers’ place.

We’re going you present and clarify the throwing mechanics which Main League catchers use and you should study if you wish to take your recreation to the subsequent talent degree. Prepared?

Not in contrast to a pitcher, the catcher makes use of his whole physique when throwing. Actually from the underside of your ft to the highest of your head, your whole physique in some type contributes or detracts out of your throwing efficiency.

We will break down the Mechanics into two common classes, the arm work and the ft work.

The very very first thing it’s essential to study is to guard the throwing hand, for mangled fingers make studying mechanics fairly fruitless. There are two totally different strategies for doing this.

The primary technique is to carry your naked hand instantly behind your catcher’s mitt barely left of the mitt’s webbing. The thumb of the hand ought to be pressed towards the palm, with the 4 fingers wrapping round it as you make a fist.

The second technique is to carry your naked hand, whereas in a fist, behind your again or proper hip alongside your buttock. Each strategies are efficient and have turn out to be a private selection matter for many catchers. Keep in mind to all the time keep a fist regardless of which technique you select.

The subsequent challenge is to unlearn a matter. What? A catcher doesn’t catch the baseball. The catcher receives the baseball. Sounds foolish, however you will study the distinction shortly.

The subsequent problem was mine. I do know this text is about enhancing throwing mechanics, however how do you pluck one thing out of context and have it make sense? I consider your complete catching process combines to make good throwing mechanics, so I’ll stroll you thru the whole catching process and illustrate the person elements of the throwing mechanics.

The Arm Work begin to end

Let’s look at the entire catching and throwing parts of a single pitch by which a runner is trying to steal second base.

As a catcher you assume your squatting place no later than when the pitcher toes the rubber. Being a catcher you are nearly as snug in a squat as standing so that you’re in all probability already squatting.

From the squat place, you unfold your legs vast sufficient on your center infielders to see what indicators are being flashed, however not large sufficient to show them to the third base coach. To assist assure this, you relaxation your catchers’ mitt in your left knee, utilizing it as a display, blocking the third base coach out much more.

When you are flashing the indicators your hand must be towards your cup, which once more protects towards anybody stealing the pitch signal as your hand is deep contained in the safety of your thighs.

As a final verify, look upward on the batter to insure he wasn’t making an attempt to sneak a peek when you have been watching everybody else.

Starting of Mechanics

Because the pitcher comes set in his stretch place, you progress out of your squatting place right into a semi-standing place in preparation for making a throw to second.

Your physique trunk and thighs ought to type a proper angle, and your knee ought to type a proper angle to the ft. This locations you in a secure tripod sort stance. Your weight ought to be on the balls of your ft, butt down, head up, your physique barely curved ahead in a C posture, which permits a ball within the filth to hit your chest and bounce out in entrance of you. You have to be offering a gentle goal on your pitcher to right away decide up when he decides to make his supply.

You catch a glimpse of the runner trying to steal. Your thoughts goes into overdrive and your first intuition shall be to succeed in for the ball because it crosses the plate in an effort to catch it as quickly as potential. This is the place catching and receiving come into play.

You don’t attain ahead to catch the ball, however somewhat let the ball come to you. Principally, this is why. You can’t transfer your mitt two foot farther ahead as shortly because the thrown baseball travels that very same two ft to your mitt. In different phrases you get the ball faster ready.

That is the distinction between catching the ball and receiving the ball mechanics.

As soon as the ball is secured you need to seize it as shortly as potential and take away it from the mitt. When grabbing the ball try and grip it in a four seam maintain, that’s your fingers crossing 4 of the baseball’s seams.

When thrown with this grip the ball travels straighter and tends to sink as an alternative of crusing excessive or tailing away, making for a way more correct throw.

Right here is the place the selection of the place to carry your naked hand might have some influence. Some catchers want to carry their fist behind the mitt as a result of they really feel they will grip the ball faster and have extra time to rotate the ball to a 4 seam grip if want be as they’re cocking their arm to throw.

Different catchers keep the behind the hip technique is simply as fast, as your are elevating your arm as you increase your physique getting right into a throwing stance. Once more, private selection.

As you’re elevating out of the semi-squat place you flip your physique sideways, your shoulders open large, your left shoulder pointing towards second base, your proper arm and hand cocking again behind the appropriate aspect of your head.

Step in the direction of second base, your head and eyes in direct line with the bottom. Your throwing movement is as follows; just like a soccer quarterback your arm is cocked at a proper angle to your head, your hand passes near your ear as you comply with via with the throw.

I do know that is lots to digest. Let’s evaluate and summarize.

Obtain the ball, grasp the ball in a four seam grip as you leap up out of your stance. Flip physique sideways, shoulders opening vast, left arm in the direction of second base, proper arm cocked at proper angle to the top. Step ahead bringing the throwing hand near the best ear as you throw by means of.

The process sounds extra complicated than it truly is and a lot of the mechanics you’re already performing. The keys right here to improved mechanics is (1) obtain the ball (2) four seam grip (three) ball passes near the ear when finishing the throwing movement.

Enchancment to those three arm associated mechanics will improve the velocity and accuracy of your throws to second base.

Foot Work Mechanics

Once more, just like a pitcher’s mechanics which makes use of a T formation to verify a pitcher’s mechanics, the catcher will use a backwards T formation to verify to insure his footwork is right.

Draw a line from the rear level of residence plate straight again. Then draw an intersecting line forming a T. This can grow to be your gauge to insure correct foot actions that are important for correct throwing mechanics.

Take your regular catching place behind house plate, then fake to obtain a throw from the pitcher. Shortly pop up out of your crouch, stepping backwards together with your push off foot. Cease instantly and look again to see the place your rear foot is positioned.

In case your foot just isn’t on the road, which makes the T, you’re both off stability or throwing throughout your physique. Both means your velocity and accuracy shall be negatively impacted. Subsequent examine the place of your entrance foot. If it isn’t pointing instantly at second base you’re both throwing throughout your physique, or about to sail the ball into the outfield.

Regulate your mechanics till you possibly can persistently land your rear foot on the again line. The again line shall be your information regardless of the place you’re situated behind the plate. You’ll all the time shift your complete physique to at least one aspect or the opposite relying on the place the pitch is situated, however as you plant your rear foot to throw, it ought to all the time be on the road, because it extends the complete size of your catching zone.

Here’s a abstract of the footwork portion of the throwing mechanics.

(1) Use brief fast steps (2) your rear plant foot persistently lands within the correct place, alongside the road, stopping throwing throughout the physique. (three) push off the rear foot supplying you with ahead movement and a stronger throw.

As soon as once more I understand there’s numerous info to digest, however loosen up. Like I stated earlier than you’re already performing the mechanics, this simply tells you the right way to good them.

One final time, let’s tie all of it collectively for evaluation.

(1) Obtain the baseball

(2) Use a four seam grip when throwing

(three) Just like a soccer quarterback’s throwing movement, arm cocked at a proper angle to the top, hand passes near proper ear when throwing.

(four) Use fast brief steps when adjusting foot positions

(5) Plant rear foot persistently on rear information line and throw.

The choice to work arduous for perfection is yours to make, however should you determine it is value it…refining these mechanicals will shave that.2 of a second off your throwing time.

Source by Jim Bain