Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions on Betta Fish Explained

Betta Fish, arguably the preferred sort of fish discovered within the residence at present throughout all of the world. This astonishing fish shows a vibrant character while posing probably the most magnificent color and fin construction serving to to create a very jaw dropping aquarium you could exhibit to your visitors!

Originating from the paddy fields of Vietnam, Betta are an astounding fish and I shall be answering on this article the 10 hottest questions I get requested regularly about Betta Fish. So lets get began…

1. How Do You Cease Betta Fish From preventing?

That is in all probability one of the widespread questions I get requested!

In my expertise I’ve discovered a couple of ways in which work…

A method is just to get a much bigger tank. With the larger tank you possibly can embrace a few new crops, keep in mind you do not need to over do it with the crops in any other case you’ll destroy your fish show (not very interesting to your visitors!). By making the tank greater and introducing a couple of extra crops it creates additional hiding locations in your Betta when the aggressive one is on the conflict path!

A second means is to easily separate the aggressive fish from the remaining. This may be completed by placing a divider into your tank, or by taking the aggressive fish out and placing it into a brand new tank. I might personally advocate placing a divider into your tank, measurement allowing in fact, as your Betta will know the opposite Betta Fish are there. It additionally helps in relation to the breeding course of as a result of introductions would have already been made.

Thirdly, you need to NEVER, I repeat NEVER put a male Betta in with one other male Betta Fish, interval! In any other case, they’ll struggle to the dying (for this reason they’re also called Siamese Preventing Fish!). So by not holding males collectively it will scale back preventing astronomically.

Feminine Betta’s have been recognized to be aggressive and battle between one another, notably when you have 2 collectively. Nevertheless, that is simply an “I am the chief” factor happening between them and often wears off , however a way I’ve used and seen have nice success to cease this occurring is so as to add a third feminine into the tank. By doing this any rigidity between the earlier two is eliminated – attempt it, you will be stunned how efficient it’s!

2. Can You Maintain Male and Feminine Betta Fish Collectively?

Sure you possibly can. Nevertheless, I might advocate retaining an in depth eye on the male Betta simply in case he turns into too aggressive and the feminine must be eliminated. As I discussed above having crops within the tank will help the feminine cover if the male turns into aggressive.

Three. How Do You Inform the Distinction Between a Male and Feminine Betta Fish

I all the time keep in mind the saying “It is easy when you understand how…” once I get requested this query as a result of once I first began breeding Betta Fish it took me ages to recognise the distinction between a male and a feminine…

You’ll have a tendency to seek out that feminine Betta’s have fats bellies the place as males are likely to have a extra streamlined construction. Additionally, you’ll discover that males have an extended physique and fins whereas the females are shorter in physique measurement and fin size.

Additionally, male Betta Fish are likely to have extra color and longer pointed anal fins in comparison with their feminine counterparts (sorry women!). Additionally, you will discover feminine anal fins are extra degree to their physique. The anal fin is the inflexible wanting fin coming from the underside of the Betta Fish.

Nevertheless, one giveaway of a feminine is her white spot on the underside of her stomach. This white spot known as the ovipositor and is used through the breeding course of.

four. What are the Greatest Caring Ideas for Betta fish?

A lot of individuals have written books as regards to caring for Betta Fish however I’ll offer you my greatest ideas that I’ve picked up alongside the best way…

– Check your water’s acidity degree often. A PH degree of seven works greatest in my expertise.

– All the time attempt to maintain the water temperature at round 75-80 Fahrenheit. I might advocate testing this commonly utilizing a floating thermometer as a result of huge drops in water temperature may cause stress in your fish. Floating thermometers in my expertise give one of the best accuracy studying as a result of they’re stored within the tank water.

– All the time hold a lid/cowl excessive of your tank with air holes in it as a result of Betta Fish can bounce and also you won’t be there to catch them!

– Any filtration system ought to be stored at a low degree and it’s essential to take care to not put the air consumption in such a place that it might trigger your Betta to get harm. Having your filter system at a excessive setting has been recognized to trigger stress to your Betta.

– Attempt to clear your tank commonly, ideally twice every week. Take away bits of meals caught underneath the stones, castles or leaves of your tank.

– As a rule of thumb I like to recommend Three quarters of a gallon per Betta fish in your tank. Additionally, attempt to get a spacious tank to permit your Betta loads of room to point out off their character, you will be stunned some are very thrilling to observe!

I’ve all the time discovered in the event you love your Betta such as you love your personal then you definitely will not go far mistaken, and with implementing the above you may be properly in your approach to having really astonishing Betta Fish.

5. What Ought to I Feed My Betta Fish?

Surprisingly, Betta Fish are recognized to be fussy eaters (and also you thought us people have been dangerous!). So it’s best to feed them on quite a lot of meals, resembling:

– Brine shrimp

– Daphnia

– Frozen Bloodworms

– Blackworms (Tubifex) worms

– Mixture Betta Pellets from Pet Outlets

– Powder Fish Meals if feeding Fry

– Greens (corresponding to inexperienced beans, not an entire one however in tiny parts)

I are likely to discover a common feeding sample of 2-Three occasions a day works greatest for Betta. Attempt as properly to make parts eaten in a single sitting in any other case any leftover meals might result in further micro organism within the tank probably inflicting illness in your Betta Fish.

6. What are Betta Fish additionally Often known as?

Not lots of people know this however Betta Fish are also referred to as Siamese Preventing Fish. The identify originates due to the males aggressiveness and their “Battle to the Demise” angle if two males are put in the identical tank collectively.

Betta fish are also known as Betta Splendens however this can be a sort of breed of Betta, which leads us properly onto the subsequent query…

7. What are the Totally different Forms of Betta Fish Obtainable?

There are lots of varieties of Betta Fish obtainable, the preferred varieties I’ve listed under:

– Betta Splendens (the most typical sort)

– Betta Bellica

– Betta Coccina

– Betta Picta

A few of the hottest Tail Forms of Betta are:

– Veil Tail (this usually the most typical tail sort that you simply discover on the pet shops)

– Delta Fish (usually any fish beneath the 180 diploma tail span is taken into account a Delta)

– Tremendous Delta Fish (usually any Betta with a tail span of 120-180 levels)

– Fan Tail (the Betta’s tail shows a easily rounded edge)

– Half Moon (because it’s identify recommend it is tail is the form of a half moon – a 180 levels span, that is the fish most breeders attempt to realize and show a very fabulous color!)

– Pin (Spade) Tail (the Betta’s tail is pointed on the finish)

Relying on what you’re on the lookout for this could hopefully offer you sufficient info to decide on a Betta fish on the pet retailer! 😉

eight. Can I Put Bamboo in With My Betta Fish?

Bamboo or Fortunate Bamboo as it’s also recognized, the sort that’s bought from pet shops, may be put into your tank together with your Betta Fish. The bamboo could make your tank look extra engaging and interesting to your friends, which is all the time a bonus!

Nevertheless, what I like to recommend is that the bamboo is washed completely earlier than entry into the tank to assist guarantee there are not any chemical compounds on it that would harm your Betta. Additionally, it’s a good suggestion to examine the bamboo recurrently simply to see whether it is rotting as a result of it might launch micro organism into your tank’s water that would probably hurt your Betta fish. Altering your tank’s water typically will scale back the specter of micro organism occurring.

9. What Ammonia Degree Ought to My Tank Be At?

Ideally, you need an ammonia degree between Zero-Zero.5. By altering your water repeatedly (about 30-50% twice every week, when you’ve got excessive ammonia) this can assist scale back the ammonia in your tank.

It’s a good suggestion to watch ammonia ranges regularly, as a result of a excessive degree isn’t wholesome on your Betta Fish.

10. Would a Father Betta Hurt His Youngsters?

Sadly, a male (Father) Betta would hurt his youngsters (Fry). Though, the Father could be very protecting of the Fry in the course of the spawning course of it’s common for them to assault the Fry as they develop into greater and capable of take care of themselves.

I like to recommend eradicating the Father from the tank as soon as the Fry are capable of swim freely, often 7-10 days after delivery as a result of he can turn out to be very aggressive in the direction of them and probably trigger them hurt.

That is the solutions to the 10 most requested questions I get regularly. I hope you discovered this info helpful and are capable of put it to good impact.

Source by Simon Anderson