Hawaii’s Fish Of Summer

Regardless of all the Hawaii huge recreation fishing and blue-water diving depicted in postcards and the media, a few of islands’ hottest fishing includes nothing greater than a hand pole with a hook and sinker or some ultra-light deal with and little bit of native fishing savvy!

Through the summer time two small however extremely widespread Hawaii fish, the “oama”, or juvenile goatfish, and the halalu, smaller siblings of a kind of mackerel recognized within the islands as “akule,” make their look at seashores and deeper near-shore waters all through the state. And, once they do seem, so do Hawaii’s native people!

The owama (pronounced o-wa’-ma) run about seven inches and congregate in giant faculties in shallow water typically proper off the seashore whereas the similar-sized halalu (ha-la-loo’) are usually present in deeper water reminiscent of harbors or seashores with a faster depth drop. Showing as faculties within the hundreds, these “summer time fish” often keep in the identical neighborhood for a couple of weeks inflicting one thing of an attraction as scores of anglers congregate within the shallow waters, breakwaters, piers, or seashores the place the faculties could be current.

When the faculties are in, phrase goes out on the grapevine by way of youngsters, mothers and dads, seniors, and nearly anybody who likes fishing! Prized as bait for bigger fish however much more in order scrumptious desk fare, the oama and halalu are extra than simply fish, they’re an island custom.

Driving across the islands, it isn’t unusual to identify teams of unrelated people in circles or standing abreast in thigh- or waist-deep water off the seashore with brief bamboo poles. These people are fishing for oama and stand collectively in order to maintain the varsity in a single place with the cumulative draw of their baited hooks. It is a subdued pleasure as in close to silence the anglers alternately jerk their poles to raise a small preventing fish out of the water and into the small scoop nets that are hung conveniently at their sides.

When you come throughout a scene with a big group of individuals utilizing both prolonged hand poles or ultra-light fishing deal with to forged and erratically reel in tiny feathered hooks or comparable synthetic bait, they’re after the halalu. Just like the teams fishing for oama, these bigger crowds on the shore are fishing in a quiet so prevailing you’ll be able to hear the splashing of the small fish as they’re being reeled in. In these giant teams you will additionally discover an array of types for retrieving the lured hooks which characterizes the “pet” methods that separate one angler from one other.

Whether or not you’ve gotten an urge for food for the small fish or not, coming throughout both of these kind of fishing scenes is a singular and fascinating affair and one you will in all probability solely see in Hawaii. It is a type of issues that go far past fishing. Moderately, it is a slice of life that so many people who’ve grown up within the islands return to yr after yr.

In order small as they could be, the oama and halalu play an enormous a part of Hawaii’s fishing scene and are as a lot or extra part of Hawaii fishing as sport fishing or diving. Certainly these small, seemingly insignificant fish are an enormous a part of the material of life in these Hawaiian Islands… these two fish of summer time!

Source by Richard Young