Cold Water Techniques For Winter Bass Fishing Success

Ask any bass fisherman which season requires probably the most distinctive strategy to finding bass and invariably the reply might be winter. Winter bass fishing is difficult on many fronts. Anglers should cope with typically bitter chilly temperatures, frozen-over creeks and far decrease fish metabolisms. So with all these obstacles, what can an angler do to enhance their probabilities of hooking up within the winter?

Since largemouth bass are cold-blooded animals, their metabolism is far much less in colder water. Metabolism is linked to digestion. This implies bass eat much less, thus making the fishing harder. It’s a lot simpler to coax a hungry fish into biting lures.

Your complete meals chain is affected by lethargy this time of yr, on account of depleted power shops. Don’t forget that most of the largemouth’s important forage is in hibernation, most notably, crawfish. Animal life is just not shifting in a short time this time of yr, both. Each predator and prey succumb to their metabolism and anglers typically overlook that their lures and bait should match the overall temper of their setting. Work your lures too shortly and you will be setting off pink flags.

Finding largemouth bass within the wintertime requires a superb understanding of the seasonal migrations that happen in the course of the yr. Usually talking, bass migrate from the creeks of lakes into the primary physique of water through the winter. They could be situated simply inside tributary arms, however are often nearer to fundamental lake construction.

The rationale this migration takes place is well-known amongst skilled anglers. The bass transfer to deeper water as a result of the water temperatures are extra secure. If the bass have been to remain shallow, they might be subjecting themselves to a lot harsher temperature fluctuations which is troublesome for a cold-blooded animal that’s in search of a continuing setting.

Shad, a essential forage of largemouth bass, are very vulnerable to dying in chilly water. Faculties of shad will make the identical migrations throughout early winter, in search of these extra secure water temperatures. The place the meals goes, the bass will comply with. Keep in mind this easy rule and your fishing will enhance dramatically.

We all know bass are deeper in winter. What shows are handiest to catch them?

Confirmed winter bass fishing methods have one factor in widespread. All of them require you to work your lure near the underside. Additionally, a big proportion of the recognized efficient methods require a really sluggish presentation.

If there was a lure that was synonymous with winter bass fishing, it might be the blade bait. There are only a few producers of blade baits, with the 2 most notable being Bass Professional Outlets and Silver Buddy. Silver Buddy is the unique and certain most refined blade bait available on the market. Primarily this lure is nothing greater than a flattened silver piece of metallic formed like a baitfish. When pulled by way of the water, it has a really tight vibration that’s noticeable by way of the rod. Merely let the Silver Buddy blade bait sink to the underside and provides brief twitches again to the boat. The Silver Buddy ought to contact the underside after each twitch. The aim is the make the lure vibrate through the twitch, however not increase it off the underside greater than a foot at a time.

One other widespread winter bass fishing tactic is fishing a hair jig. Whereas there are numerous types of hair jigs and hair patterns to select from, the simplest for winter is the widespread deertail (bucktail) sample. Bucktail hair doesn’t breathe within the water as a lot as different hairs. Whereas most anglers see this as an obstacle, it’s the very cause deertail jigs work so properly. Because it has a dull attraction, it matches in its environment nicely and is seen as extra pure to its setting.

The important thing to catching bass on hair jigs is within the retrieve. A 1/four oz. or three/eight oz. hair jig is greatest as a result of it’ll allow you to maintain the jig near the underside the place the bass are in winter. Merely forged the hair jig out on eight to 10 lb. check fluorocarbon and let it sink to the underside. It would be best to give the jig very small and sluggish hops again to the boat, by no means elevating the jig off the underside multiple foot.

Some prime winter bass fishing places to seek out fish are drop offs, ledges, factors and inside channel bends. Places to keep away from are shallow and expansive flats, slowly sloping banks and current-laden areas. Holes are key spots and may typically be loaded with a whole lot of bass. Whereas largemouth group up in giant numbers in winter, only a few can be prepared to chew. You have to cowl a lot of water till you discover one prepared to strike.

As you possibly can see, winter bass fishing calls for a a lot totally different recreation plan than the opposite seasons. There are quite a few obstacles to cope with, and never all of them are underneath your management. When you could possibly psych your self as much as catch fish, it isn’t all the time attainable to psych a winter bass into biting. Cowl a whole lot of water in search of these transition areas the place fish can maintain in secure water temperatures and you need to be capable of catch a number of throughout these robust occasions.

Source by Rodney Ross