Lace Wigs – How to Prevent Hair Shedding

Extreme hair shedding out of your lace wig is usually a drawback if you don’t correctly care in your wig. There are a number of upkeep methods which can assist forestall hair shedding. First seal the knots in your unit earlier than you put on it and after each wash. An excellent knot sealer product to make use of is known as Knot Sealer. Flip the wig inside out, spray on the mesh or lace and permit it to utterly dry earlier than sporting it.

When you wash your unit, permit it to air dry. After the cap is totally dry, apply your sealer. Spraying additional maintain hair spray on mesh or lace can also be efficient. Some wig wearers use an acrylic sealer. It may be bought at your native craft retailer.

One other factor that may trigger the wig to excessively shed is making use of oils or conditioners near the bottom of the wig the place the knots are. This will trigger the knots to loosen and slip when brushing or combing the hair. Even in the event you use a knot sealer product, utilizing oils and conditioners can weaken the effectiveness.

When making use of conditioner to your unit, attempt to keep away from the knots on the base. Ensure your hair is full dryer earlier than combing or brushing. If the hair just isn’t full dry, combing loosens the knots. Though it might not shed instantly, as soon as the hair is dry and you start to type it, your wig might start to shed. Additionally, keep away from extreme brushing and brushing your wig. Keep in mind the longevity of your wig will depend on how properly you take care of it.

Source by Kaaryn Walker