Human Overpopulation Causes, Effects and Solutions

We have now about 6.eight billion individuals on a tiny orb solely eight,000 miles extensive and 24,000 miles in circumference that we name Earth. We add about one million and half individuals to our world inhabitants each week! How have we reached the purpose that many describe as international overpopulation? What’s our Planet’s carrying capability? Is zero inhabitants progress fascinating, or attainable? What are the causes and results of human overpopulation?

The household of people, often known as the hominids, has populated Earth, in line with the fossil report, for five to six million years. The hominids transitioned from one genus to a different earlier than our genus, homo, appeared about one million and half to 2 million years in the past. We transitioned by way of numerous homo species earlier than our species, homo sapiens (“smart people”) emerged about 150,000 years in the past.

For the 5 to six million years we hominids have been right here (Earth has been right here for four.56 billion years in a universe that has been right here 13.7 billion years), we now have principally been Stone Age hunters and gatherers. For the 150,000 years we trendy people have been right here, we too have principally been hunters and gatherers. About 12,000 years in the past, with the domestication of crops and animals, our Agrarian Age started. Since then, we have principally been agrarians. Slightly greater than 200 years in the past, within the late 1700s, the Industrial Age started in England. By 1850, it unfold to Belgium, Germany, France and america. Over time, it unfold to different industrial nations. About sixty years in the past, we transitioned from the Industrial Age to the post-Industrial Excessive Tech Info Age we stay in in the present day. It’s an age that permits us to disseminate info virtually anyplace immediately.

Over time, we collected individuals. Two-thousand years in the past, our inhabitants was at 250 million. Within the yr 500 A.D., it remained the identical. By 1000 A.D., we climbed to 500 million individuals. We reached 750 million individuals round 1500 A.D. We hit our first billion mark in 1800 at which era the Industrial Revolution kicked in. We added individuals extra quickly and commenced to maneuver shortly within the course of human overpopulation. Between 1800 and 1900 we added 600 million individuals. At 1900, we have been at 1.6 billion. By 1960, in 60 brief years, we almost doubled that as we reached three billion.

In 1960, we people had been right here about 150,000 years. It took us that lengthy to build up three billion individuals. How lengthy did it take for us to double that quantity? Thirty-nine years! In 1999, we reached 6 billion individuals. It’s estimated that we’ll be at 9.2 billion by 2050. That is an exponential improve in delivery price, resulting in questions regarding Earth’s carrying capability.

The consequences of human overpopulation are a number of and ominous. As delivery charges climb, pure assets get used up quicker than they are often changed, creating monumental financial pressures at residence whereas the usual of dwelling plummets all through the remainder of the world. As the results of having so many individuals who don’t perceive our actuality and its behavioral calls for, we’ve got created an interrelated net of worldwide environmental issues. We’re depleting our pure assets: our forests, fisheries, vary lands, croplands, and plant and animal species. We’re destroying the organic variety on which evolution thrives (that is being referred to as the sixth nice wave of extinction within the historical past of life on earth, totally different from the others in that it’s brought on not by exterior occasions, however by us).

With highly effective new electrical and diesel pumping methods, we’re draining our aquifers and decreasing our water tables. We’re systemically polluting our air, water, and soil, and consequently our meals chain. We’re depleting the stratospheric ozone that shields us from dangerous ultraviolet radiation. And, we’re experiencing signs of worldwide warming: warmth waves, devastating droughts, dying forests, accelerated species extinction, dying coral reefs, melting glaciers, rising sea ranges, extra frequent and intense storms, and a extra speedy unfold of illnesses.

What’s the answer for international overpopulation? What should we do to make sure that inhabitants progress just isn’t uncontrolled? The reply lies in schooling. We people are a really younger species. We’ve been right here for less than a short while. We’re like a toddler simply studying to stroll. We face grave challenges that demand a speedy shift in our conduct. Our instructor is our father or mother. Our father or mother is the pure world from which we emerged. In each means, in each side of our existence, we should study to align ourselves with that which helps life. There isn’t a various if we’re going to keep away from catastrophic penalties.

With so many people on a really small planet, and with the addition of so many extra each week, we will not proceed to narrate to one another, our surroundings, ecological methods and biosphere as we’ve got or we’ll succumb to the consequences of human overpopulation. Nature, which couldn’t care much less, will remove us. We people should develop up and study to stroll…hand in hand with one another and with our pure world. There isn’t a various if we want to maintain humanity and advance our civilization.

Source by Joe Simonetta