Prophetic Dreams – Dreams of Being Shot At – What Do They Mean?

Did you dream of being shot at? What might your terrifying dream imply? Are you troubled by it?

In case you are overwhelmingly disturbed by a current nightmare, you aren’t alone. The sensation of despair that you feel proper now is not distinctive to you alone.

I personally dreamt of being shot at as properly, and right here is my story.

The Dream:

And there I used to be out in an open sandy area. A person with an automated rifle aggressively sought to kill me. He and I have been the one ones on this barren subject subsequently, the state of affairs I used to be in was indisputably dire. This man fired at me relentlessly with a vengeful objective. He had the weapon, I had nothing to struggle again with. Since I couldn’t shield myself I panicked. I attempted to dock and dodge as a lot as I might, however I knew ultimately a type of flying bullets would hit me. I used to be vividly horrified.

Then, swiftly, the barrage of capturing stopped.

I heard a yell, and I seemed up on the path of the capturing gun man. He appeared harm and was holding his head. Apparently, one thing had come from behind me and struck him throughout the face. I rotated to see what it was, and low and behold, a person was there with a sling shot.

This man shot once more on the gunman a second time, and this time, the rock from the slingshot hit the gunman and blasted him distant from me. It defied logic how this occurred. The small tiny rock from the slingshot whizzed by means of the air with astonishing velocity, putting the gunman with shocking precision and an unbelievable drive. It was like being shot at by a gushing 5 ft vast water hose, if there ever was such a factor.

Earlier than I knew it, the gunman had abandoned his gun with a cowardly quickness and fled the scene. Then I heard a voice say to me: “Hurry up and seize his weapon. Destroy it!” Whose voice this was, I have no idea. However the voice sounded thunderously authoritative. Might have been that of the slingshot man, I am unsure. I instantly did as I used to be advised and began to dismantle the rifle.

It was whereas I used to be breaking up the weapon that I sprung awake. I awakened with a smile plastered on my face. This was a dream that spelled victory. However victory from what?

Since this dream ended nicely for me, I figured there was nothing to fret about. So I did not care and I shortly forgot about it. Massive mistake!


Over the interval of a yr following this dream, a collection of unlucky occasions fell upon me and I steadily started to know what the dream meant. You see, though I used to be saved by the unknown man on the finish of my dream, that also did not erase the truth that the gunman tried, a number of occasions, to harm me.

At first of the narration of my dream, I stated the gunman had an automated rifle and that he fired at me relentlessly. Not as soon as, not twice, however a number of occasions.

Now, every bullet that he fired in my course apparently counted as every drawback that I might be arising towards within the close to not-so-distant future. And sure, I did come up towards main issues. Fortunately for me, as within the dream, I used to be miraculous saved from these issues.


The underside line right here could be very easy. In case you ever dream of being shot at, it is advisable be apprehensive…very fearful. However earlier than you lose your thoughts in panic, listed here are a number of questions you MUST reply as a way to decide if hazard is admittedly lurking.

Earlier than your dream, do you keep in mind listening to or seeing something associated to weapons (motion films, the information, heard a narrative, and so forth)? Do you keep in mind studying about something associated to weapons or capturing within the newspapers or different studying supplies?

In case your solutions to those questions are all NOs, then be very cautious. Ensure you pray typically. Occasions are coming your method that are not going to be nice.


In my dream, though I used to be shot at, I used to be by no means hit or grazed by any of the flying bullets. So I knew, it doesn’t matter what occurred, each time this dream did present itself in actual life, I would not endure any disagreeable conditions. I’ll endure from a passing feeling of dread and/or anxiousness (like I did within the dream once I was being shot at) however I knew I might come out of no matter lied forward for me sooner or later victorious and unhurt, identical to within the dream.

Now, for those who then again occur to have a dream of being shot at, and you end up truly getting harm in that dream, then the materialization of your nightmare could also be utterly totally different from mine…in a really dangerous approach.


Women and Gents, I am not right here to scare you. However the issues I’ve seen by way of goals, and the occasions I’ve witnessed in life, makes it a obligatory obligation for me to put in writing this text. It’s crucial that you simply perceive that Goals are the first technique of communication utilized by the ‘religious powers that be’ to speak with the human world.

You owe it to your self to know easy methods to determine these divine communications if you obtain them, and the right way to analyze and perceive them. With the ability to grasp the artwork of decoding goals will assist you put together for the inevitable adversities which might be marching in the direction of you OR level you in the appropriate course if that is what is required in the mean time.

Source by Jonathan Rayson