Jessica and Harry in the Magic Jungle

As soon as upon a time, not so way back, there was just a little woman referred to as Jessica………………..

Jessica was eight years previous, properly truly, she was almost 9! and she or he had a bit of brother referred to as Harry, who was 6. They lived with their Mummy and Daddy in a pleasant home , in just a little city referred to as Kettering.

It was a brand new home and it was very good, with separate bedrooms for Jessica and Harry. Behind the home was an enormous backyard, with a garden, and throughout the backyard was a excessive wall, which meant it was very protected for Jessica and Harry to play there.

Like most brothers and sisters, Harry and Jessica typically argued and made numerous noise enjoying round the home. Someday, their Mummy had a whole lot of work to do for the workplace, and she or he was getting very irritated, as a result of Jessica and Harry have been squabbling over who ought to play with the pc video games.

They have been making lots of noise and Mummy was beginning to lose her mood just a little bit. ! A number of occasions, she informed Jessica and Harry to cease arguing and provides her some peace and quiet, in order that she might get on together with her work.

Very quickly, Mummy had taken all she might stand of the noise, and she or he informed Jessica and Harry to go away the pc and to go and play within the again backyard, in order that Mummy might get on together with her work.

Nonetheless arguing, about who was accountable for getting them thrown out, Jessica and Harry placed on their trainers and went into the again backyard, pushing and shoving one another as they went.

“What we could play at Jess ? ” stated Harry, as they received out into the again backyard. “I do not know ” stated Jessica, “I needed to play on the pc, and gardens are so boring ! “

“I do know !” stated Harry, choosing his huge white ball up off the grass, “Let’s play soccer ! “. ” Boring, boring ,boring ! ” stated Jessica.

Harry lined up the soccer on the grass and gave it a mighty kick in the direction of the wall behind the backyard. Now, usually, when the ball hit the wall on the finish of the backyard, it made a kind of “Whack!” sound, and bounced again to Harry, or rebounded to some other place within the backyard.

This time, although, the ball made a humorous kind of “SPLOOSH! ” sound and a wierd mild appeared to ripple down the backyard wall! Harry couldn’t consider his eyes, the ball simply disappeared via the wall, and the place it went by way of, a humorous wanting purple door had appeared!

“Cripes ! ” stated Harry. ” Take a look at that, Jessica, the place did that door come from, and the place has my ball gone ? “

Jessica seemed on the wall in shock. ” I do not know, Harry ” she stated ” however we higher get the ball again, or we can be in much more hassle with Mummy !”.

They ran right down to the top of the backyard and appeared on the humorous purple door. Jessica rigorously turned the deal with and pushed the door slowly open. ” Come on Harry ” she stated, “We had higher go and get your ball again “

As they acquired by means of the door, they might see that every little thing was coated by massive timber and bushes, with somewhat winding path going by way of lengthy yellow grass, that got here proper as much as Harry’s head. Slightly bit additional down the trail, they might see Harry’s soccer, sitting on the fringe of the lengthy grass.

“Come on, ” stated Jessica, as she ran down the trail to get the ball. Harry ran after her, despite the fact that he was just a little bit frightened of being within the lengthy grass, the place he could not see something.

They picked up the ball, and rotated to return into the backyard. To their shock, nevertheless, the purple door had DISAPPEARED! All that was standing there, was an enormous brick wall, with no approach by means of it, and positively means too excessive for them to climb over. It appeared to succeed in proper as much as the sky!

“Oh cripes! “, stated Harry, ” Now we will probably be in hassle!. How are we going to get residence earlier than Mummy notices that we’ve gone out of the backyard?”

“I do not know “, stated Jessica, and she or he sat down on the grass along side the winding path to have a assume. ” Don’t be concerned, Harry”, she stated, ” I’ll take care of you, and I am positive we’ll consider a approach again in a couple of minutes, earlier than Mummy notices that we’ve gone “.

Simply at that second, a humorous wanting, colored hen popped out of the grass along side the trail. “What it is advisable get again into your backyard is a Magic Key, that may present you the place the door is! ” stated the fowl, in a humorous squawky kind of voice.

Jessica would have fell over, if she wasn’t already sitting down! “You spoke!” she stated. “Birds cannot speak usually? ” Harry simply appeared amazed on the chook, and held on tight to his soccer!

“Ah, however you’re within the Magic Jungle ” stated the hen, in his squeaky voice. “Right here, issues are totally different to at residence. To get again by means of the wall, into your personal world, you’ll have to discover a magic key which opens the purple door for you”

“Oh Cripes! ” stated Harry once more. ” I do not consider this, what are we going to do Jess?”

Jessica seemed on the humorous hen and stated, ” All proper, if this can be a Magic Jungle, and we’d like a magic key to get house once more, the place do we discover one?”

“I do not know precisely,” stated the humorous chook. ” I solely know that it’s hidden in a fairy backyard, someplace down this path within the Magic Jungle.”

“That is not loads of assist “, stated Jessica. ” Do not you realize anything?”

“No, sorry, ” stated the humorous hen. ” I’m only a little bit of a birdbrain and I can not keep in mind a lot at a time. I’m positive although, that in case you comply with the trail, it should take you to the fairy backyard someplace? ” Having stated that, the fowl flew off and disappeared from their sight.

” Nicely, ” stated Jessica, ” We should go and discover this fairy backyard on our personal Harry” She took Harry’s hand, and held it tight in her personal, as a result of regardless that they have been all the time preventing, Jessica nonetheless beloved her little brother and did not need him to be too scared.

So, off they went, hand in hand down the winding path. Via the lengthy grass, and into the jungle timber and bushes, the place it appeared a bit of bit darkish and scary.

Harry held tightly onto Jessica’s hand, as a result of he was a boy and did not need to present that he was slightly scared. He knew although, that Jessica would take care of him, as she all the time did in the long run, even when they did argue rather a lot!

Then, simply as they turned a nook within the path, out in entrance of them jumped A LION !

“Oh WOW! ” shrieked Jessica and Harry collectively! They have been so stunned, that they each fell on their backsides within the filth!

“Do not eat us ! ” they each cried, because the lion got here in the direction of them.

The lion stopped and sat down on the trail, in entrance of Jessica and Harry. ” I do not eat youngsters! ” stated the lion. ” I want cheeseburgers! I’m only a huge softy, which is why all the opposite animals name me ‘Lucinda the Lion’!”

“The place are you two youngsters going?” stated Lucinda. After assembly the humorous chook, Jessica and Harry weren’t stunned that a lion might converse and had a woman’s identify, so Jessica stated ” We’re Jessica and Harry Oldham, and we’re in search of the magic key, in a fairy backyard, in order that we will get house once more”

“Sure,” stated Harry , ” And we’re getting drained, as a result of we’ve been strolling down this path for ages since we met the humorous fowl.”

“I might help you there”, stated Lucinda, and he lay down on the trail in entrance of Jessica and Harry. ” Rise up on my again”, stated Lucinda, “And you may journey the remainder of the best way, to save lots of your sore ft.”

Jessica climbed up rigorously onto Lucinda’s again and held on to his mane of hair behind his head. Then she leaned over and took Harry’s hand and helped him up behind her. Harry held tightly on to the again of Jessica’s jumper.

“All proper, Lucinda,” stated Jessica, “We’re all aboard!”. Lucinda stood again up rigorously and began trotting down the trail, by way of the magic jungle. ” That is a lot better than strolling, stated Harry, as they bounced alongside on Lucinda’s again.

Simply then, they turned one other nook within the winding path and got here to a crossroads. There was a signpost there, however each path pointed the identical……’To the fairy backyard’!

“How will we all know which solution to go now?” stated Jessica. “Keep in mind!” stated Lucinda, “It is a magic signpost. Solely one of many indicators is actual. The remainder of them are identical to footage, set there to make you guess. “

” I understand how we will discover out which one is actual !” stated Harry, and he threw his soccer at one of many indicators! It went straight via, as if there was nothing there! Harry picked up his soccer and threw it at every of the indicators in flip. Ultimately it hit one of many indicators with a ‘whack’ sound and bounced again to Harry. “That have to be the actual signal” stated Harry.

” You’re a intelligent boy Harry”, stated Jessica, and she or he informed Lucinda to go down the trail marked by the actual signal that Harry had discovered.

As quickly as they turned within the course of the correct signal, the darkish jungle all disappeared, and in entrance of them as an alternative, was a large sunny path going straight to the magic fairy backyard. Lucinda carried them straight down the trail and into the fairy backyard.

They began wanting round for the magic key, however they could not discover it anyplace. Jessica seemed within the flowerbeds, Harry seemed beneath the bushes and Lucinda checked all alongside the fence, nevertheless it was nowhere to be seen!

“Now what can we do?” stated Jessica and Harry.

” We can not seem to see the magic key anyplace round right here ?” ” I can not see it both” stated Lucinda, “And I get hungry, I have never had a cheeseburger for ages!”

Simply then, they noticed an enormous toad, sitting on a toadstool, warming himself within the solar.

“Good day ” he stated, ” My identify is Uncle Toadie, and I’ve a clue for you! “

“What’s the clue Uncle Toadie?” Stated Jessica and Harry collectively.

“Do not sulk, do not sigh, look low and look excessive! ” stated Uncle Toadie. ” That is my clue”, and off he hopped into the backyard pond. That they had already appeared everywhere in the backyard, so Jessica appeared upwards above her.

There it WAS! Hanging from the washing line was the Magic Key. It was held up there by the picket peg that Granddad had fastened for Jessica solely yesterday! ” That is unusual” stated Jessica.

” I’m wondering how that acquired right here?”. She tried to succeed in the important thing, nevertheless it was too excessive up. “Come right here Lucinda, and let me attempt climbing up in your again, to see if I can attain the important thing,” stated Jessica.

Lucinda let Jessica up on his again, however she nonetheless could not fairly attain Granddad’s peg holding the important thing up on the washing line. Then Jessica had one other concept and informed Harry to climb up and get on her again, after which they might be excessive sufficient to succeed in the peg and get the important thing.

” See,” stated Lucinda, ” Should you assist one another you are able to do lot’s of issues !”

Simply as Harry grabbed maintain of the magic key, there was a flash of sunshine, and by magic, Harry and Jessica discovered themselves again on the excessive wall, the place the purple door had been earlier than. Once they seemed round, the Magic Jungle was slowly disappearing , they usually have been simply in time to wave goodbye to Lucinda, who waved again with a burger bag in his hand – he had managed to get a cheeseburger someplace by magic !

Harry took the magic key and put it into the wall. The purple door appeared and opened. Jessica and Harry jumped shortly by way of and located themselves again in their very own backyard in Kettering once more. They thought that that they had been away for ages, however as a result of it was magic time on the opposite aspect of the wall, that they had solely been gone for half an hour, and nobody appeared to have observed.

They went into the home and Mummy was busy brushing Jake, the canine, who had received his coat soiled once more. ” Hey” stated Mummy, ” You two have each been very quiet on the market, what have you ever been doing? “

Jessica and Harry checked out one another, and each stated collectively, ” Mummy, you simply would not consider us ! “

“Oh, all proper” stated Mummy, ” you’ve got been good and quiet for a change, so you’ll be able to have a particular deal with on your tea ! What would you want ?”

Jessica and Harry began laughing, and each on the similar time stated ” Cheeseburgers!”, as they remembered Lucinda and their journey within the Magic Jungle.

The Finish

Source by John Roberts