Live fishing bait baby frog for snakehead fish in the lake in Cambodia | Fishing Cambodia

Reside fishing bait child frog for snakehead fish within the lake in Cambodia. It is fishing in Cambodia, they use child frog or lizard, gecko, or one thing as reside bait to fish for snake head fishes in Cambodia.

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Fly Fishing – Pesca con Mosca (video02)

Neuquen – junin de los andes
Equipo 6 -linea Scient.Angler. Trouth wf-6-f
Lider 9 ft – 2x
Tippet 4x al 5x
Mosca seca – madam X – atada en 18 –
pieza promedio 1,900 gr.
pieza mayor three,100 gr


Clase 1 de atado y pesca con mosca en vivo – Hoppers

Ciclo de clases de atado y pesca con mosca transmitidas en vivo por web, dictadas por Ruben Martin.
Creadas por:
Correntoso lake and river Lodge:
Mendoza fly store Chile – Argentina:
Bewolk bolsos estanco:
Thomas & Thomas Rods:

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17/ three HOPPERS

Parachute Hopper (Ed Schroeder)

Anzuelo: de alambre fino con un largo de pata 2X lengthy. Nro 6 u eight.
Hilo: eight/zero ó 6/zero, colour marron, gris , oliva o negro.
Ala del parachute: calf physique o Yarn, en lo posible blanco.
Stomach: Dubbing sintético de textura fina y suave (Antron o comparable) de colour tan o ligth olive
Tórax: idem stomach o alguno comparable con algo de brillo.
Hackle: pluma de lomo de gallo genético, en lo posible grizzly o marrón.
Alas: pluma de cola de pavo moteado lo más clara posible.
Ribete: Floss Marron (opcional)
Patas: pluma de cola de faisan de collar, en caso de no tener se puede usar cola de pavo moteado.

Ho-Hopper (Ruben Martin)

Anzuelo: de alambre fino con un largo de pata 3X lengthy, nro 6 u eight.
Hilo: eight/zero o 6/zero en lo posible oliva o tostado.
Stomach: Professional Tube Hook Information Giant o Medium, transparente, amarillo o verde.
Alas: raffia de shade tostado y pluma de cola de pavo moteado claro o materials sintético comparable estilo Shimazaki fly wing.
Patas: cerdas plásticas, finas y gruesas, de shade crema o lo más claras posible.
NOTA: tener a mano laca UV y linterna UV, tubitos plásticos similares a los utilizados en cotonetes o chupetines de varios diámetros, marcador indeleble shade marrón claro o maíz.

7/four BAGRES

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25/eight DORADO


Spam and Eggs – Bonefish Mantis Shrimp Fly Tying Video Instructions

The Spam and Eggs is bonefish fly sample developed for giant Bonefish by Coach Duff in Hawaii. The Spam and Eggs imitates a Mantis Shrimp, which is likely one of the largest meals sources for Huge Hawaiian Bonefish. The Spam and Eggs signature look is the spider like legs that splay out to every aspect. These legs transfer and undulate within the present, which entices the fish to eat. The Spam and Eggs may also be tied in Olive colours. However the Tan shade is the preferred and efficient. A should have in any Hawaiian Bonefish fly field!

Spam and Eggs Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #1/Zero-04 Gamakatsu SC15
Thread: Tan UNI 6/Zero or Veevus 6/Zero
Tail: Tan EP Fibers
Egg Sack: Orange McFlylon or Arctic Fox
Hackle: Grizzly Whiting Excessive and Dry Rooster Cape
Physique: Tan Polar Dub
Legs: Tan Loco Legs
Eyes: Medium or Giant Pink Nickel Pseudo Eyes or Predator Eyes
Weed Guard: 20-30LB RIO Exhausting Alloy
Glue: Brush On Zap-A-Hole



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Fly Tying: Modern Bucktail Streamer

Un streamer que mezcla técnicas clasicas y modernas de atado. Pensada para ser usada con equipos livianos.

A Streamer sample that mixes basic and trendy methods of tying. Designed for use with mild gear


Line Managment for Dry Fly Fishing

This can be a video in a collection of Fly Fishing Instruction by Mary Ann Dozer. This educational video focuses on the core elementary methods to get the longest pure drift of your dry fly. To see extra educational movies go to www,


HMH vise 360 rotation. Fly tying fly fishing

360 diploma rotation with the hmh spartan vise


How is a fly line made? – RIO Products’ Making the Fly Line

Ever questioned how a fly line is made? With nice satisfaction, RIO has opened its tightly managed doorways and produced a brief movie on simply how a fly line is made.


The Virginia Trout Bum discusses rigging a Tenkara Fly Rod.

I have been fishing Tenkara, or Japanese fashion fly fishing, for about 5 years. In that point, I’ve developed my very own type and habits.

I share them on this video.


Dock fishing Panama city Beach Florida

went fishing in panama metropolis and caught four fish directly