Secrets to Flathead Catfishing

Originally from the Mississippi River and its tributaries, flathead catfish at the moment are discovered fairly properly all over the place within the Eastern and mid-western United States and Canada. Flatheads are simply one among a number of catfish varieties and, as they proceed to develop all through their lives, are able to weighing as much as 100 kilos – and extra. While it is no magnificence, flathead catfishing is a well-liked sport and good to eat too!

Our catfish is nicely-named due to its flattened head which extends ahead from its dorsal fin, tapering to a large mouth. The mandible or decrease jaw protrudes past the higher and it has “whiskers” on both sides, permitting the fish to “style” its surroundings whereas looking for meals. Their flat eyes are set far aside and they’re extraordinarily nicely camouflaged in patches of brown and yellow with a lighter underbelly – making flathead catfishing extra of a problem! They like sluggish-shifting streams and rivers with loads of locations to make houses, reminiscent of underneath banks and in deeper water the place there are fallen logs and piles of brush through which to cover. They notably like these deeper areas round river bends if there are many locations to gap up there.

Flatheads additionally wish to drift via previous river and creek waterways inside lakes and reservoirs and at night time – an ideal time for flathead catfishing, they will seem on the fringes of the shallows to eat. They develop and develop quickly and are thought-about to be adults once they attain fifteen to nineteen inches in size. They are recognized to stay for over twenty-5 years – offering they will dodge the hooks of anglers! They’re backside feeders and can eat something in any respect, however they do have their favourites, resembling bream, reside perch and sunfish – actually, populations of sunfish have been worn out, notably in small our bodies of water – the redbreast sunfish has not been seen in a number of the streams and rivers within the state of Georgia because the arrival of the flatheads! We’re doing these areas an enormous service once we go flathead catfishing.

It is sensible to fish the bigger our bodies of water reminiscent of rivers and lakes, as a result of these fish are huge eaters and the meals provide is subsequently extra plentiful than it might be in ponds or streams. They are most lively from late spring by way of summer time to early fall and are livelier when the water temperatures vary between 70F to 85F. It’s good to know their searching and consuming habits in order that we will discover one of the best locations and time of day to drop a line and go flathead catfishing. They eat within the mornings in addition to through the day – in truth, they eat on a regular basis – however they’re much extra energetic within the evenings, in order that may be the most effective time to go flathead catfishing.

Try dropping your hooks round lighted boat docks, piers and bridges within the early morning or higher nonetheless, at nightfall! Flatheads will congregate round sources of sunshine at night time making them simpler to catch as they may go after stay baitfish, that are interested in mild. So, now that we all know the place to seek out them – and what they appear to be, let’s go and see if we will catch some.

Whether you are fishing from the financial institution or a ship, just remember to have a robust, good-sized internet with you – or a good friend that will help you land the monster you are going to catch. Get shut sufficient to the place you’ve got chosen in an effort to get the bait near the underside of the lake or river, as these fish are backside-feeders.

And when your flathead catfish strikes, you’ll find out about it, so be ready to set your hooks onerous – and hold on! A good-sized catfish can smoke 100 yards of line or much more earlier than making its flip. Point your rod up and permit the fish to bend it. Reel within the line when the fish turns towards you to maintain your line tight. Be able to play the fish till it tires – then reel it in.

You’ve obtained your catfish. And you are hooked too. Let’s go flathead catfishing once more, quickly!

Source by Wade McBride